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A common scenario after a car accident: You feel fine and appear to have suffered no injuries, so you decide to skip a visit to the doctor or an emergency room. In our experience serving residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, we have found this to be a mistake in most cases. The reason skipping a post-accident checkup is a mistake is three-fold.

1. As you know, many kinds of injuries occur in car accidents. Broken bones and deep lacerations become apparent right away. However, with some injuries, the symptoms may not appear for days or even weeks. Examples of injuries with delayed symptoms include head injuries, whiplash, spinal injuries and abdominal injuries. Getting checked out immediately after a car accident can identify any potentially serious or life-threatening injuries.

2. If at any point following your accident, you decide to take legal action against the other driver or any involved party, having a record of your injuries and treatment will benefit your case. An injury attorney can help you gather evidence supporting your claim, but the lack of a solid medical care record related to your car accident injuries may complicate matters.

3. In matters related to insurance accident claims, having a record of medical care related to your crash is also important. Insurance companies expect injured parties to seek medical care immediately after a car accident occurs. Failure to do so could give your insurer reason to deny your claim or delay approving your claim. A clear timeline of your efforts to acquire medical care after a crash may make all the difference in whether your insurance provider approves your claim.

As a full-service injury law firm, we urge you to learn more about car accidents and how to acquire the compensation you need. A great way to get started is by studying our blog posts and the information on our injury page.