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By now, there probably is not a person in the United States that does not understand the benefits of wearing a seat belt. However, people still choose to ignore the benefits and the law, choosing not to use this all-important safety feature. After a recent Campbell County, Virginia, car accident, one person is dead and three others are injured. Not one of the people involved in this crash was wearing a safety restraint.

According to police officers, the collision took place at about 3:10 p.m., where Route 501 intersects with Route 680. Reportedly, a person operating a 1987 Dodge Dakota ran through a stop sign and into the path of a Ford pickup truck. The male driver of the Ford truck was unable to avoid colliding with the Dodge.

As a result, the two vehicles crashed, ejecting the driver of the Dodge and a passenger from the vehicle. One of the ejected occupants died of the injuries she suffered. The driver of the Dodge suffered life-threatening injuries and is receiving treatment at a hospital. A third occupant of the Dodge was also seriously injured and is undergoing treatment at a Lynchburg hospital. The male driver of the Ford pickup was the sole occupant. He suffered nonlife-threatening injuries in the car accident, receiving treatment at Lynchburg General Hospital.

Unlike in other car accidents, it seems pretty clear that the person driving the Dodge is responsible for the crash. While the fatality and the other severe injuries are tragic, the Ford motorist may be able to seek compensation for his harm with the help of an injury lawyer. It is unclear at this time whether the Ford driver’s lack of a seat belt would play a significant role in any attempts he makes to acquire compensation, but attorney guidance is critical in helping him protect his rights.