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A tow truck driver was injured when he was struck by a motorist in Lynchburg on Jan. 23.

According to a spokesperson with Bee Line Transport, one of their drivers had almost finished hooking up a large bus to their rotator when a passing car approached and ran into him.

The spokesperson notes that the worker took various precautions to make sure that motorists would see him. Despite working during the daytime, the driver still wore his yellow reflective vest to make himself more visible to others. He also left the hazard lights flashing on both his truck and the bus to warn motorists to use caution when approaching the upcoming hazard.

As for the worker struck in this incident, a company spokesperson reports that was treated at the hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries.

This latest incident is, unfortunately, the second incident of the sort to have happened during the past few years. In 2016, another one of Bee Line’s drivers was also struck by a motorist while preparing to tow a car.

In that incident, the driver of the car lost traction after coming upon some ice on the roadway. The worker was catapulted over the interstate’s guardrail in that incident. He ended up tearing muscles in his legs and chest in that crash.

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