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Virginia has plenty of incoming residents. It is a popular place for those who not only have jobs in the state but adjacent areas like Washington D.C.

When it comes to purchasing a home, you may believe you only need to sign a contract and secure a mortgage. The staff here at Jones, Johnston & White, P.C. wants to make sure you know the importance of having an attorney during a home purchase. Before signing on the dotted line, check out these three ways lawyers may help.

  1. Review contracts 

A real estate contract for a home may seem cut and dry, but if you do not deal with this kind of language often, you may find yourself legally obligated to terms you do not want. Not all contracts are the same, and not having a clear picture of what legal terms and guidelines mean has the potential to land you in hot water.

  1. Clean up title disputes 

Title companies are critical components in the home-buying process. They review all legal documents referencing the property. They also check surveys for boundary encroachments such as a neighbor’s fence. When there is a problem with the title, steps need to occur to clear it before closing can proceed. An attorney can handle this process.

  1. Advise you on any legal issues 

Some issues may crop up during the inspection period and beyond that warrant legal advice. If you do not have representation, your lender or real estate agent may not have the authority to advise you on how to handle them. Your lawyer alone can help.

Pinching pennies during a real estate purchase may cost you much more down the line. If you want more information on how vital an attorney is during the process, visit our website.