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Purchasing a car is exciting until you realize that everything is not up to par with the vehicle. Virginia has laws on the books that help protect the consumer in the case of various mechanical defects in a new car.

When there is a warranty, does it impact claiming the car is materially flawed under the state’s Lemon law? At Jones, Johnston & White, P.C., we aim to guide you through the navigation of this notoriously tricky law. Explore how a vehicle warrant may impact your legal claims.

Lemon law basics

When your car has significant issues that impact your enjoyment and use of the vehicle within the first 18 months of ownership, the manufacturer may have to take the car back. Your case must meet one of the following three scenarios to qualify:

  • The issue is life-threatening and is still present after one repair attempt
  • If a repair shop has retained the vehicle for a period longer than 30 days for something other bodywork
  • One or more mechanics has worked on the same problem at least three times without adequate resolution

The law does not apply to used vehicles.

Vehicle warranty

Your new car came with a manufacturer’s warranty, and you may have decided to purchase an extended one. However, if the vehicle is experiencing repeated issues as mentioned above, the warranty will no longer apply. Therefore, filing for a return and refund under the Lemon Law extends above and beyond any warranty provisions. You do not have to continue the repair process.

Getting help with dealing with a vehicle that has serious issues is an essential first step in resolving the problem. Take a moment to visit our website for more information on this topic.