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Social media is a great marketing tool for your business, but you have to use it carefully to avoid possible legal trouble. Letting employees take the reigns could be a mistake, especially if you do lay out the ground rules about what they can and cannot post. It is best to train an employee and limit access to your account. If you want to protect your Virginia business, it is essential to know what risks there are with social media posts.

A huge mistake many business owners may make, according to B2B News Network, is violating intellectual property rights. If you use anything you did not create, you need permission. This includes images, pictures and written words. Violating a copyright, trademark or other protection can land you in court in serious trouble. To avoid issues, just use original content.

You also want to be careful when mentioning or talking about your competitors. There is a chance you could be liable for defamation or harassment if you say the wrong thing. Make sure your messages avoid making claims about your competitors unless you have proof to back them up.

Finally, you need to know your industry’s regulations and how they may impact your marketing efforts. You do not want to violate any regulation. Every post needs to keep compliance in mind, and you should check them against the rules.

The only way to ensure your social media account does not land your business in trouble is to make sure you manage it properly. Always check posts, and make sure whoever posts to your account understands the rules you have set about posting. This information is for education and is not legal advice.