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For reasons that are not entirely clear, at least three teenagers were in a van together traveling eastbound in Richmond, Virginia, on Route 360 early in the morning on Christmas Eve. The van overturned several times and hit an embankment after reportedly sideswiping another vehicle, causing the driver of the van to lose control. Two of the occupants of the van required hospitalization for serious injuries. A third died following ejection from the van. 

Along with the Crash Reconstruction Team, Virginia state authorities are investigating the crash. They believe speed may have been a contributing factor. The relationship between the occupants of the van is not clear, nor is it clear who was driving or if there were other occupants in the van at the time of the crash. 

Authorities believe that neither the two boys injured in the crash nor the girl who died were wearing seatbelts at the time of the collision. With injuries described as life-threatening, the two boys went to a local hospital via airlift. No information is available regarding their current conditions. 

The force of the collision ejected the 16-year-old girl from the van, and she died at the scene. Authorities have not released her name pending notification of her next of kin. The driver of the other vehicle, which the van allegedly sideswiped, reportedly sustained no injury in the crash. 

During a time typically associated with joy and togetherness, tragedy has touched these young people and their family members. It may be helpful for those suffering adverse effects from a car accident to discuss the case with an attorney.