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Lemon Law

Purchasing a vehicle is an important financial decision. It is only right for you to expect the car that you purchase to be safe, functioning and free of manufacturing defects.

If you purchased or leased a vehicle that you suspect is a lemon, there are laws that protect your rights. In Virginia, your vehicle transaction is protected by the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Act, which is the legal name for our lemon law.

Not only does our state’s lemon law cover automobiles, but it also protects other types of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, mopeds, pickup trucks, panel trucks and the self-propelled chassis of motorhomes.

According to the provisions of the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Act, you are entitled to a manufacturer buyback or a replacement vehicle. To be eligible for these benefits, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your vehicle must have a serious safety defect or warranty nonconformity.
  • If the vehicle is new, the defect must have occurred within 18 months of the original purchase date and the warranty is still in effect.
  • If the vehicle is used, the defect must have occurred within 18 months of the original purchase date from the first owner and the warranty must still be in effect.
  • You must have made at least three attempts to repair the defect.
  • You must notify the manufacturer of the continued defects and your intent to pursue legal action.

Our Law Firm Can Work To Recover Your Damages

We understand how frustrating it can be to purchase or lease a vehicle that is defective. Our attorneys have experience recovering damages caused by defective vehicles. With many years of experience protecting consumer rights, we can work with you to recover your damages.

Do You Think Your New Car Is A Lemon?

Getting stuck with a lemon can impact your mobility and your standard of living. The good news is that our attorneys can work within the state’s lemon law to hold your vehicle manufacturer accountable for the defect.

If you think your car is a lemon, call Jones Johnston & White, P.C., in Lynchburg at 434-333-7051 or complete an email form. We offer free consultations. There is no cost to hire a lawyer as the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Act allows consumers to recover reasonable attorney fees.

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