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Residential Real Estate Closings

While it is true that a broker or agent is an important member of your real estate team, he or she cannot provide you with legal advice about your transaction. Attorneys are the only people who are authorized to provide legal opinions and prepare legal documents. That is one reason why it is important to hire a real estate attorney to protect your rights during a real estate transaction.

Real estate lawyers play a vital role throughout the transaction. For example, a real estate attorney can provide valuable assistance during the mortgage financing process. Real estate attorneys can provide additional services associated with:

  • Title searches and insurance
  • Lease agreements
  • Deeds
  • Zoning issues
  • Easements and road maintenance agreements

What You Can Expect From Settlement Services

Settlement Services is a separate business from our law office that conducts closings of residential real estate transactions. Settlement Services is not a law office and you are not hiring an attorney to represent yourself when have Settlement Services handle your residential real estate closing.

However, you are hiring a settlement agent whose role in closing your transaction involves the coordination of numerous administrative and clerical functions, including the collection of documents, signatures and funds required to carry out the terms of the contract between the buyer and the seller of real estate. All settlement companies, who are not attorneys, cannot provide legal advice to any party to the transaction. However, Settlement Services is the only settlement company in the Lynchburg area that is owned and managed by attorneys. Therefore, if a settlement agent for Settlement Services requires legal advice or needs legal documents prepared for your real estate closing, an attorney is immediately available to them and to you. You will have the option to hire either Settlement Services or our law office to handle your transaction.

We believe that the coordination between Jones Johnston & White, P.C., and Settlement Services offers the best of both options, whichever you, as the buyer, choose to use.

Let Us Assist You With Closing Your Next Real Estate Deal

If you are buying, selling or leasing residential real estate, hiring an attorney to oversee your transaction can protect your rights and prevent common real estate transaction errors. To learn more about Settlement Services or our attorneys at Jones Johnston & White, P.C., call 434-333-7051 or contact us by completing our email form. We’ll set you up with a free consultation.