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Why You Should Hire A Lawyer When Buying Or Selling Real Estate In Virginia

Buying a home, a business or an investment property is an exciting venture. However, completing the purchase involves more than finding your dream property and securing a loan. But as with any major investment, there are potential pitfalls you want to avoid.

While many real estate transactions proceed without a hitch, some require legal intervention. For example, there may be a lien against the title, environmental concerns or contested ownership. Another person may have an easement to use your property that you knew nothing about.

For that reason, real estate attorneys can be valuable resources for commercial and residential real estate transactions. Here are a few proven advantages of hiring an experienced real estate attorney:

  • A real estate lawyer can resolve title issues with a property.
  • An attorney can interpret the legalese in contracts.
  • An attorney can make sure that you get what you want out of a transaction — and do not take on any liabilities you do not want.
  • Attorneys can offer legal advice settlement companies cannot provide.

Hiring an attorney is well worth the investment. An experienced attorney can alleviate future problems.

What We Can Do For You

Most real estate transactions are managed by settlement companies that provide limited services. In fact, the primary role of settlement companies is to ensure that the documents are signed in the correct spaces and the settlement funds are properly disbursed. They cannot provide legal advice or guidance, and they will not know when you need it.

At Jones Johnston & White, P.C., we can provide additional legal services, if needed, that an ordinary settlement company cannot. Our lawyers can detect title issues, review your contracts and protect your interests throughout the transaction.

Are You Involved In A Real Estate Transaction? Reach Out To Us.

Hiring a real estate attorney in Virginia to manage your next real estate transaction is a wise decision, and it is likely that the other parties involved in your transaction will have attorneys of their own. Always remember, under Virginia law, you, as the buyer, have the choice of who will conduct your closing. You do not have to use the settlement company your realtor or agent recommends. If you need assistance, our real estate attorneys at the law office of Jones Johnston & White, P.C., are available for you. To schedule a consultation, call 434-333-7051 or contact us online.